Games incentives is waste of public funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 15th, 2015

 I AM against the idea of providing cash incentive to PNG gold medal winners as too much has already been spent for the Games preparations and facilities which the entire country has no benefit of in any way at all. 

K20, 000 to one individual player is too much. 

Do we have anything better to spent such money on? 

Are we telling other Pacific Island countries and the world that PNG has surplus money now and is looking for ways to spent after obtaining the UBS loan in 2013? 

We have many deteriorating road and bridge infrastructures all over PNG, particularly in rural areas and this two week game brings no real joy to me when I read of daily struggle our rural population continue to face and go through in their daily lives. Yet, we boast about all major developments that are concentrated and taking place only in certain places to preach to the world that the country is fast developing when in fact it is Port Moresby and Lae only that are fast developing while the rest of PNG is way behind.


Wanbel Niape

Boroko, NCD