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NEW Sports Minister Philemon Embel said this year’s PNG Games will be a test for ordinary Papua New Guineans in the lead-up to hosting the 2015 Pacific Games in the country.
Embel was speaking at a briefing last week with the Host Organising Committee of the PNG Games less than five days after taking up his new role.
“These games will be part of a learning curve for us as well our build-up to the 2015 Games to show we have the capacity and ability to host an event of such magnitude,” he said.
Present at the briefing were  NCD Governor Powes Parkop, HOC chairman Jack Pidik, events manageress Mary Karo and other committee members.
Embel said after the briefing, that he was impressed with the amount of work the committee had been putting in.
He added that it was now up all stakeholders to push for outstanding commitments by the parties outside to ensure preparations were moving forward and on schedule for the Games starting on Nov 19.
The minister reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to sports, with a vision for the Pacific Games in 2015.
“The PNG Games are very important for Port Moresby and the country because it will test us,” Embel said.Look after facilities: Embel The Games are seen as the first of several  tests for the country’s sports administrators six years from the 2015 Pacific games.
“On the same note, we have 6,000 athletes and officials from around PNG coming to the games, so it is only appropriate that we treat them well, like we would our visitors, come 2015,” he added.
Embel made a heartening call to sports personnel and people to take responsibility of sporting facilities in the country.
He made the call after learning that much of the need for upgrading of sporting facilities was a result of vandalism and irresponsible attitudes.
“It is not in our culture to take what is not ours, to destroy property, or watch what is ours run down. We don’t let the bush around our houses grow wild, we clean it. That is our culture.” Embel said.
Pidik thanked Embel for making time available to sit with the committee and iron out several issues before the games began.
He thanked Governor Parkop for all his efforts towards the event.
“NCD is ready to host the games and we want to take the 4th PNG Games to new heights.
“With the ministers’ intervention, we hope to be well prepared come the big event.” Governor Parkop said.