Gavien farmer loses faith in Angoram MP as road condition worsens

Momase, Normal

The National Thursday, 26th January 2012

A FARMER residing in the Gavien resettlement blocks in Angoram district, East Sepik, has called for better roads to transport their cash crops and other fresh produce to markets.
Farmer Luke Gawi said there was good potential for the cultivation and marketing of cash crops and other produce but the worsening road condition had always been a major setback for them.
He claimed suspended Angoram MP Arthur Somare had failed them for the past 15 years.
“Somare has inflicted so much pain and suffering on us and we cannot continue to suffer and lag behind in real development,” Gawi said.
He said the Gavien resettlement scheme area had large tracts of land planted with rubber and other cash crops like cocoa but the bad road conditions made it difficult for small businesses to operate.
He said people buying their rubber had to pull their trucks through deep potholes, which affected their profit margins.
Gawi also questioned where the K2 million allocated for road maintenance in the area had gone to.
He said no work had been done.