Genelyne aiming high


SACRED Heart International Catholic School grade 10 dux Genelyne Murava hopes to study business in the next chapter of her education and become a businesswoman.
The 17-year-old finished in the top three in 10 subjects, topping mathematics, science, social science and Christian education; second in personal development and physical education, basic studies, home economics; and, third in English, computer studies and expressive arts.
Murava, who is of mixed parentage of Iawakaka village in Rabaul, ENB, and Hanahan, Buka, Bougainville, said she felt blessed with her achievement and would continue working hard in grade 11.
“I want to work hard in school so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a businesswoman,” she said.
“I am interested in running my own family business and would like to help my father with our family business but in order for me to do that, I need to have skills and qualifications on specific business areas, therefore, I am studying hard to achieve my childhood dream.”
Murava said her father Mark, who is from Iawakaka, Rabaul, runs a family business as a fuel supplier in Buka, and this had inspired her to learn business to help her parents.
She said after she completed her business studies, she wanted to help her community in financial literacy and budget management.
Murava thanked those who had helped in her education.
“I want to thank my parents, relatives and teachers for their endless support and encouragement you people gave me which had helped a lot in my achievement,” she said.
“I promise to you all, I will work and study, will focus to achieve my goal.
Murava encouraged her grade nine schoolmates to aim high and work hard in school, respect their teachers and parents and put God first in order to achieve their potential.
ENB education adviser Alkan Mararang congratulated Murava on her achievement and encouraged her and her fellow students to work hard.

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