Geologist has high hopes for lime deposits

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013

 THE mining of the first 100km  of limestone deposit in some of Chimbu’s mountainous region has the capacity to last 100 years and generate millions of kina, chief consultant and geologist Kon Digan says.

He pointed at some of the technicalities and findings of his feasibility studies in Kundiawa yesterday during a visit by a Chinese investor company.

Digan said the limestone deposits stretched along four districts for several hundred kilometres.

He said the deposits would last generations and was indeed a multi-million kina project.

He said his findings disclosed that the project would fetch up to K400 million a month.

Digan said the spinoffs from the project for landowners would be so enormous that it would spread over time and generations.

“We are happy to welcome China Mechanical Engineering Corporation, one of the many investors that showed interest to come and visit the sites for development before putting in necessary logistics before the project kicks off early next year,” Digan said.

CMEC has similar projects in Africa.

Engineers Ma Yebing (team leader) and Hu Rui and company projects manager Zhu Xiangmei arrived in Kundiawa yesterday on a fact-finding mission.

Chimbu Governor Noah Kool and administrator Joe Kunda welcomed the team and took them through a Powerpoint presentation yesterday afternoon.

They will be taken on a tour of project sites today.

Commercial lime, which is produced from limestone, has many industrial uses.