Get Lo now


MOST Intrust Super Cup teams are made up of National Rugby League (NRL) players who are no match to our SP PNG Hunters. The selection by Hunters’ coach Matthew Church is a way forward, but these players are not selected to make up numbers. They should perform or be dropped.The sponsors, stakeholders and supporters should be made proud.We’ve been continuously urging Church and the Hunters management to select Gary Lo. Last weeks’ game against the Townsville Blackhawks was a one-sided affair, especially on the wings. More tries from Blackhawks came from their wings.We predicted in the beginning that if the coach and management continue to ignore Lo, Hunters will not be in the top 8, and it’s happening. Before the Hunters continue to lose, we ask Church and the management to get Lo. The coach and hunter’s management seem to ignore the supporters’ call for Lo, who could help move the Hunters forward.I am not his relative and we are not associated in anyway, but his style of football speaks for itself.Lo deserves a spot in the Hunters line up. Put him there and you will see the difference.

Hunters Fan,

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