Get others to print Fode materials


THE Flexible Open and Distance Education (Fode) is expecting an increase in enrollment as per a report in The National on Jan 17.
The principal, however, did not say whether their budget will increase proportionately.
Last year, Fode made a lot of noise in the media about the hardships they were facing with printing course materials and requested the Government to double their funding from K7 million to K14 million.
They also, in separate news reports, were asking for K30 million to build three print shops around the country in Mt Hagen, Lae and Port Moresby.
For the benefit of students and parents who were frustrated last year about the lack of course materials, the principal should say something on that.
He should explain whether or not course materials are available.
Another report on the same day said Fode’s Lae print shop has a printer that can ease their printing problems.
I don’t believe it because last July, they were very vocal about hardship they faced with printing course materials.
They couldn’t even print enough for Morobe alone.
As responsible policy implementers, the Fode board of management and the Education Department should give the printing of course materials to the printing industry and let them worry about it while they work on what they are good at – educating people.
This way, you will have course materials done at very low price and readily available in all centres.
Fode’s idea of having its three own print shops around the country will not solve the problem.
What happened to Fode print shop at Konedobu at the back of police headquarters, Education print shop at Wardstrip, Health Department print shop at Gordon and the University of PNG print shop?
The Government’s free education policy is great.
The benefits are enormous.
However, its implementation is in a mess because the implementing agencies don’t know what they are doing.

North Waigani