Girl, 13, raises concerns about children’s rights


CHILDREN have the right to live in a free and better world, according to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School student Jayda Mokiri
Mokiri, 13, used the World Children’s Day on Friday to highlight the importance of recognising the rights of children.
Mokiri said children’s rights must be recognised so that they have a voice to speak out on issues and the freedom to be human beings.
“World Children Day is observed to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide and improving children’s welfare globally,” she said.
Mokiri said the day also marked the anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 which adopted the declaration and conventions of children’s rights not to be abused.
Mokiri said everyone must take responsibility in raising awareness about children having rights like everyone else.
The day was celebrated by members of the Widows, Orphans and Deserted Association of the National Capital District and their children.
Association president Kathy Tani said the event was put together so that orphans and children cared by single parents could celebrate Children’s Day.
“World Children’s Day was celebrated on November 28 but we decided to celebrate it with the Women Against Violence Day on Saturday,” she said.
The event was focused on orphans and abused children around Port Moresby.
The children between 3 and 13 participated in plays, dances and speeches.