Give deputy PM post to a B’ville leader


THE deputy prime minister post should go to a Bougainville leader.
The deputy PM post is likened to a carrot suspended on rope by either sides of the house to lure a party with the numbers.
Prime Minister James Marape may have a list of likely candidates as his deputy but for balance and equal power sharing he could perhaps consider giving it to a Bougainvillean leader.
The name that comes to mind is Timothy Masiu, member for South Bougainville.
He had demonstrated strong leadership and loyalty to the Marape-led Government.
He is honest, humble and is among the few Christian leaders who yield true to the faith.
Giving the deputy PM post to Bougainville will not only help rekindle broken ties with the former troubled island but strengthen the Government’s resolve on broader engagement with Bougainville.
And the same if the Opposition comes to power.
A Bougainvillean should be considered for deputy prime minister’s post.

David Lepi

One thought on “Give deputy PM post to a B’ville leader

  • Correct, this has been long and over due. Bougainville is waitng silently & watching the political events that are taking place over the last few weeks. Give DPM to a Bougainvillian MP we are Melanesian brothers so how can we be truly unified and live as one people, one country, & one nation. Our leaders are preaching too much about unity and yet they do not do what they are supposed to do. Give more to Bougainville without Bougainville, this country would not prosper in terms of basic infrastructure development right around the if it were not for BCL. Thats the only way where we can be truly unified. Say sorry to our brother from our heart and give Bougaville the very best. I for one, salute PM JM for taking Bougainville issue head on. PM JM the silent majority of PNGians are admiring your approach to the Government of President Ismael Toroama & his excutives. Rt. Hon. TM is the mature leader and he is the right choice DPM. Power greed and selfishness distroy the fabric of our beautiful country. Remember UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. God bless Papua New Guinea (including AROB – an integral part of PNG).

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