Leaders hailed for firmness


I COMMEND the leadership of East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Northern Governor Garry Juffa, Rabaul MP Allan Marat and Kandrian-Glouchester MP Joseph Lelang.
I am from a different province but I see that you all have demonstrated the kind of leadership qualities that every leader/member should adopt.
These are leaders who are not hungry for power, money or ministerial positions.
Continue to be firm for your people.
Congratulations to all the voters of these electorates and provinces for electing these leaders.
To all weak leaders, your people and the country are looking at you jumping from ship to ship without delivering of tangible projects.
But it is not too late to stand at the deck of the ship, check yourself and choose the right ship before the ship beths at the wharf of 2022 National Elections.
Congratulations to those four very strong leaders mentioned.

Outside observer


  • I fully endorsed that. E Sepik Governor is a first timer with right wisdom like his three brothers you mentioned. I pray that Hon. PMJM can consider appointing one of the four as his Deputy PM. Tinktink tasol.

    Thank you

  • Ok bro you are right, by that i mean they are truly matured leaders. I have no doubts their people in their respective province and or district will defenitly send them back for the next term in Parliament comes 2022 NGE.

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