Gobe oil field


THE country’s popular Gobe oil field is situated in south-east of Erave in Southern Highlands.
The district itself was built by the first missionaries and kiaps via Kikori in Gulf in 1940s.
The road that links Semberigi and Kikori which being built by the Oil Company (Sivpac) is the track that was been used by the early missionaries and Kiaps to carry their cargos and other building materials to establish Erave station.
Elderly people have prophesied when heard of oil extraction from Gobe which will fulfil the hardship they faced with a lot of infrastructure developments that will improve the living standard of people in the area.
However, land dispute through court case resulted in some landowners died without the land equity and royalty payments.
Moreover, apolitical party has been established the Papuan Besena by the pioneer politicians from Kikori in Gulf and also pioneer politicians of Erave in Southern Highlands.
A woman politician was also involved, Josephine Abaijah. Nothing has bring in fruition up till now
The missionary station and the government station is now covered with thick elephant grass while the oil and gas extracted from Gobe oil fields heading overseas markets to benefit politicians and their cronies and develop other centres in the country.
To make it worse, all the elderly people have all gone replaced by steam and drug addicted population and allow thick elephant grass to grow as tall as rain forest tress in the jungle.
A real leader to be named and who’s still around is Topa Mata.
A man with wisdom who lights up lights in the darkness of tall grass, and also provide labour to clear out the bushes because Erave is his mother land.
The people of Erave by now should be in better position to know who their real leader is.

Mark Talipa

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