God have mercy on daughters


There have been many recent reports in our newspapers about the rape of minors. The news article about the rape of a minor, a five-year-old girl, by a 22-year-old man is absurd.
Only sick retards who are worse than animals can do this.
And to think this child was asleep in her home when she was attacked.
What did she do to deserve this, to be robbed off her innocence, to be asleep and wake up to find a monster covering her mouth shut with his hand so she couldn’t scream until he succumbed to his evil selfish lust?
This 22-year-old lust-filled psychopath deserves to be in jail. Better yet, he should be cast out of society.
It brought tears to my eyes to read that the girl was crying in pain and bleeding afterwards.
Oh what a woeful time my daughters, sisters and mothers to be raising a daughter in such a repulsive society.
God have mercy on your daughters and take vengeance.

Sharlah K