Good ethics, good people


This country is facing so many different issues because of the breakdown in ethical and moral standards.
How can these issues be addressed?
First, make ethical and moral learning a compulsory subject in schools. The Government should drive ethical and moral learning in all institutions. Human and individual values must be taught in schools, from primary to university level.
Do away with subjects such as physical education and home economics and introduce a new character development programme. We need an education system rooted in ethics.
Simply giving students a set of rules to live by is not the way to teach ethics. It is through the modelling of moral reasoning that moral character is developed.
Teachers introduce a word or phrase believed to be a desired character trait and then define it.
Learning should shift into indoctrination rather than ethical insight results.
The student needs opportunities to apply them to real and imagined cases, and to develop insight into both genuine and pseudo morality.
The teachers then lead students through a discussion of this trait using literature and awards.
Let’s start the next generation with morality and ethics rooted in them.
The Education Department and government should radically change our education system for the good of our children and country.

Koima Siwi

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