Good governance is about the processes


TRUST is not something that one can build, break and then rebuild.
Political leaders cannot simply approve a policy and a budget to rebuild trust in the way that we rebuild worn-out infrastructure.
If we demand trust from people, they are likely to react with doubt.
Prime Minister James Marape knows too well he has to win the trust of the people, hence, his address to the nation last week was “whilst we (his Government) may not come to you and give you the magic answer to all the needs in your life right away; we are starting to put in place a structure of government to ensure that what was lost along the way is restored”.
Surveys of people’s trust in politicians and governments generally show a long-term decline, especially in the United States which has surveys dating back to 1958.
Decline of trust is not uniform in all democracies, but, if you ask people whether they trust politicians, the answer is likely to be negative.
Rather than be too judgmental, Marape should be given the opportunity to show what he and his team are capable of.
For starters, this government has announced it is focusing on reconstructing the country in the economic and social sector. Growing the economy as well as ensuring that the structure of government service delivery is reformed, rehabilitated and reconstructed to make it better for us.
Change also starts with oneself – you respect the society by living peacefully; respecting each other despite our ethnic differences, political differences, and religious differences.
Let us all live together in peace and harmony.
And the main agent of change will be the 150,000 public servants. The public service is the engine room of any country and if its stops functioning, whatever plans any Government has will never be achieved.
The Prime Minister is asking all Papua New Guinean citizens to support your public servants.
To the public servants, he asks that they lift their game in as far as service delivery is concerned, from where ever you are placed. Many of you are good men and women. You have served your country faithfully. But many are still lazing behind and not contributing fully to the work that is expected of us. Every public servant, together in politics and in the public service, must join hands to deliver to the expectations of our people.
Regardless of what’s on the calendar, service to the public must be provided unhindered.
And it does not matter who is in Government, the main thing is that the public service must be resolute in its own stand and that is service must be delivered.
Any government of the day can come up with its policies but if those task to implement it do not do their job, then it becomes just lip policies.
The ultimate aim of a government is to safeguard public interest through an efficient and effective governance system that enhances the protection of rights, and demonstrates accountability and integrity in its daily activities and from its public officers.
While management commitment is important, all public officers have a role to play in upholding the authorities’ governance frameworks by following policies and processes and practicing appropriate behaviours.
Good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions.
It is not necessarily about making “correct” decisions, but about the best possible process for making those decisions.

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