Good on you, Parkop

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

I commend the NCDC for putting up the Christmas lights and nightly show at the Jack Pidik Park in 5-Mile.
The initiative is in line with the governor’s move to “reclaim the night”.
It is imparting a sense of unity among families and people of diverse cultural groupings living in Port Moresby as one.
For too long city taxpayers have been denied such peaceful chats at night and remain locked in their own homes.
Residents are now taking ownership of the various places in the city and their attitudes are starting to change for the better.
This is truly the way forward with Governor Powes Parkop leading by example.
We need to see more of this in all suburbs.
The money is being put to good use, unlike under previous regimes.
Keep it up Parkop, the silent majority is behind you.


B Tee Y-Min
Port Moresby