Where is the MP for South Fly?

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

MANY concerned citizens of Western have queried the performance of Fly River government and MPs.
I am just as concerned because our MPs have done nothing to improve the standard of living or deliver basic services.
The member for South Fly, since entering office in 2007, has remained quiet and we have no idea what his development plans and priorities are.
We do not even know how the DSIP funds have been used or whether he knows how to access them.
Since his election, he has not been seen in the electorate.
As such, it would be safe to assume he does not know what his people need as they struggle to make ends meet.
As a leader, he should be spending his time in his electorate to properly understand what is really going on. 
He should be meeting the people and organisations to find out how he can be make the electorate a better place.
The people gave him the mandate, as such, he should be working with them.


Port Moresby