Goroka by-election suspicious


THE Goroka open by-election case is very highly suspicious and require a full Supreme Court hearing.
Goroka district has been in the dark for 15 years and Henry Ame has changed its face within one year – that is amazing.
The construction of Goroka market, the recently launched livelihood project for Goroka district, K2million assistance to the Goroka Demonstration High School, Goroka street lights and many other services which the people of Goroka district had been deprived of for at least 15 years.
There is no harm or threat during the voting and Henry Ame won the election fair with 2000 votes.
The judicial recount was also won by Ame but suspiciously the system has denied him the win. That court decision is a slap for the people of Goroka district and needs a full court intervention to review the case for the good of Goroka district.
There is no concrete substance and evidence to declare a by-election because all the election officials and scrutineers of the opposing candidates had verified and allowed 770 votes in the regional seat boxes to be counted.

Notuguka Gipa (analyst),

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