Government support needed, Konga says


EAST New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga says support from the national government is needed to deliver projects in the province.
He was defending a decision by Kokopo MP Emil Tamur and Gazelle MP Jelta Wong and himself to join the People’s National Congress (PNC)-led government following the general election.
The governor went on National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)Radio East New Britain yesterday to give assurance to the people in the province and voters that it is was for the benefit of province.
“Yes, I led the team from Group five formed after the election to Alotau not to join the Alliance Party but to join the People’s National Congress  Party and still be affiliated with our own political parties,” Konga said.
He said with respect to the people who voted them into parliament, they went to Alotau, Milne Bay,
to provide numbers and demand what they wanted for East New Britain.
“We discussed a lot of things but as governor, I must industrialise this province so we continue to get investors from abroad to boost our economy,” Konga said.
“The roads in the province are not like before and these must be addressed.
The governor assured that the group five of parliamentarians in East New Britain was still intact.
He said national politics had nothing to do with provincial politics.
Konga said the concept of Group five was initiated by Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat and the Kokopo, Gazelle and Pomio MPs would still work with Marat to collectively develop the province and one main area was to seek autonomy for East New Britain.
Acting provincial administrator Wilson Matava pledged commitment and support from the public service to the government of the day, including provincial governments, provincial executive councils and district development authorities.

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