Government to introduce anti-rot Bill

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


THE Independent Commission against Corruption Bill will be introduced in Parliament next month and is expected to be law by early next year, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.

He confirmed that after an appearance on FM 100’s Talkback Show yesterday.

After the Bill’s introduction next month, there will need to be two more readings before it can be  passed into law.

“The ICAC Bill is another constitutional bill that will be an important institution of government to fight corruption in the country,” O’Neill said.

“This will further strengthen our efforts (to fight corruption).

“I want to say this again very clearly: This is the first government in 40 years to strengthen agencies to fight corruption. Give credit where it’s due.

“Some of these people who are now crusading as leaders of good governance have been in government for quite some time.

“Why didn’t they use that opportunity to do some of the work that we are doing today? Come on, be realistic. The government is doing all the right things to try to strengthen and give more power and resources to our government agencies, so they can do their job well.”