Governor determined to execute projects

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 9th May 2013

 GOVERNOR of West New Britain Sasindran Muthuvel is determined to achieve his impact projects outlined in the newly-launched Integrated Provincial Development Plan.

Projects under the rural development sector include the local level government headquarters rehabilitation for the 11 LLGs and rural electrification projects.

There is a cultural mapping project while the commerce and industry sector plans to establish a business centre to promote small and medium entrepreneurs.

The plan includes the sealing of the West New Britain Highway and extension to Kandrian-Gloucester, plus construction of the Tiauru, Ivule, Yamulu and Wala bridges.

The province also plans the construction of three wharves at Kandrian, Gloucester and Kimbe.

There is also plan to rehabilitate seven airstrips to basic operating level.

There will also be postal banking services and water reticulation in seven LLGs.

In the law and order sector, planned projects include the establishment of court houses, rural lock-ups and police stations in 10 LLGs.

Muthuvel said sport facilities in the province would also be upgraded to stadiums.

There will be an upgrade of 19 aid posts to community health posts, establishment of hospitals in Kandrian and Bialla and a nursing college in the province.

The plan also contains an establishment of a teachers college in the province, upgrading of the Bialla High School to secondary school and the establishment of water supply to three other high schools in the province.

The plan also includes the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Kapore Livestock.