Governor: LLG stakes higher

National, Normal

The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon farewelled members of the provincial assembly this week, advising those planning to return to conduct fair and peaceful local level government elections.

He said candidates for the elections must examine their conscience and put their own houses in order before going out to the people to advise them and seek their votes.

The members of the assembly are presidents of the 16 local level governments in the province who are now on the campaign trail for the elections.

Philemon said the provincial assembly had passed a record K170 million budget and re-imposed the project fees for schools in the province which the Government later adopted.

“I believe we have made some headway in implementing the impact and priority projects of the Government,” he said.

“We have made in-roads in revamping and re-awakening our public service to be responsive and supportive of the Government and leadership agendas.’’

He told the assembly members that the stakes were higher because of the larger allocations of funds to the LLGs this year.

“The expectations of our people have also changed,” he said.

“This has been brought on by the improved funding to the province and the LLGs.

“The people now want to hold their leaders to account, as you would have all experienced in the first half of this year.”