Governor urges churches not to expect handouts


MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu has told Lutherans not to expect money from him for refreshments during church gatherings.
Speaking at a church gathering last Friday, Saonu said his government would directly fund activities to build parishes, circuits, district offices and conferences to benefit the whole congregations.
Saonu was addressing more than 3000 members of the Lutheran Church Mumeng district during its 25th conference at Mumengtain village in Bulolo district.
Saonu said that dishing out hard cash to church groups at church conferences encouraged a free hand out mentality.
“Much of the government funding from the Christian Churches Partnerships Programme (CCPP) was dished out for petty activities instead of basic needs in facilities and programmes,” he said.
Saonu urged women, youth and small farmers associations to organise themselves and have their groups registered to seek government assistance.
“That is purposely to ensure all allocated government funding is properly accounted transparently because it is a public fund and people must know how much is spent on which organisations and for what purposes,” he said.
Saonu acknowledge churches’ involvement in service delivery and encouraged them to work together in addressing population growth.
“A population increase results in the greater demand for basic services thus government and churches will sign a memorandum of understanding to address various socio-economic needs as the government and church are dealing with the same people,” he said.
CCPP chairman and Kome LLG president Jeffery Tobias, Mumeng president Okam Paton and Bulolo administrator Tae Gwambelek accompanied Saonu to the church gathering in Mumeng.
Tobias confirmed that nothing was left in the CCPP account by the past government therefore the Saonu-Daimon government was unable to help the Mumeng conference.

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