Governor wants projects factored into national budget


ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has called on the government to help fund important national projects initiated in Enga and factor them into the national budget.
Sir Peter said the important national programmes he initiated in his province included the recently established Enga Teachers College, Enga College of Nursing and the University of Goroka Enga campus besides the Enga Provincial Hospital that also needed money.
He said it was important that the Government led by its agencies like the Planning, Finance and Treasury Departments funds the operations of important programmes like those he had initiated in his province as they were projects of national importance.
“I prioritised free education in my province and the national government introduced that concept 22 years later. However, I have now gone one more step by initiating the University of Goroka Enga campus to address quality of education in the country. This initiative needs the Government’s backing, although we initiated them at the province level,” Sir Peter said.