Govt cannot even manage current SOE

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 THE PM has been vocal on the issue of BHP’s indirect control of the PNG Sustainable Development Programme. 

Can the prime minister list the benefits in kina value which PNG missed out because of BHP’s involvement in PNGSDP?

Can he also point out the risk the government is trying to mitigate by taking over OTML?

We have a lot of problems to deal with. 

I do not condone BHP remotely controlling PNGSDP, but does that take away any benefits belonging to the people of WP and PNG? 

If the fund managed by PNGSP were abused, that would warrant an intervention by the government.

We have billions of kina lost in the government system which the PM has direct control over. 

Can the government fix this issue first?

If there is no benefit lost when BHP is in control, this issue is not worth fighting for at this stage. 

We have urgent issues of misuse and corruption which the government is yet to deliberate on.

I think the government has to clean up its backyard and then ask PNGSDP to voluntarily offload the share held in trust to  appointed trustee. 

The country knows that the issue in here is the “control” factor. 

The PM has to convince the public that the government can control the affairs of new trustee or PNGSDP.


Steven A

Port Moresby