Govt must create jobs for the people

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

I REFER to your report “Historical 9 to work in Aus­tralian farms” (May 24).
I disagree Papua New Guineans should be used as cheap labour in Australia.
I say cheap labour be­cause the hourly rates, while they look promising and are more than what the average Papua New Gui­nean may earn, is primarily to cover the costs of living in Australia for the men. 
I wonder how much the workers can save and bring back to PNG to improve their lives and that of their families.
The initiative clearly shows the go­vernment, through the Labour De­partment, lacks the abi­lity to create employment opportunities for the in­crea­sing number of unemployed within the country.
Our unemployment rate is not a laughing matter.
While some may argue otherwise, the writing is on the wall.
There is an obvious increase in:
.   Law and order pro­blems;
.  Criminal activities;
.   Social problems;
.   Substance abuse;
.   Demand for compensation; and
.    HIV/AIDS, prostitution, etc.
The increase, I believe, are related to unemployment. 
While this suggestion is anecdotal, I urge the government to go down to the grassroots level and see what is happening.
It is sad to see:
.  Young women selling their bodies for money;
.  Youth, and even children begging for food, and collecting bottles;
.   Youth and adults re­sorting to crime for a living;
.   Youths resorting to substance abuse, because life has become unbearable or they have nothing better to do. 
PNG is rich with resources, it is a land of many opportunities.
The K1 million or so funding from Finance and Treasury to finance this pilot project could have been put to better use elsewhere – education, health, creating local projects.
There are many opportunities and initiatives that could have been conceived if the Department of Labour employs people who are passionate, creative, innovative and use initiative.
We have too many old frogs that cannot think clearly.
We need young and vibrant thinkers who can make a difference.
We don’t need PhD holders to make a change. 
The Department of La­bour should shake off the cobwebs and start brainstorm to create job opportunities for Papua New Gui­neans.
PNG yumi mas inap nau long susu long Australia, yumi no bebi moa.

Port Moresby