Govt must restore standard of education system

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 THE‚ÄąPNG education system is under serious threat after the introduction of the reform policy by the government. 

The level of academic performance achieved was very low as indicated in the 2013 academic year. 

Primary teachers  should  not  be  teaching  at secondary level.

If  so, they should be transferred back to primary schools. 

Most colleges and universities are not accepting Grade 12 students because the level of academic results obtained do not meet the standard required by these institutions. 

We cannot point fingers at our parents  or  teachers who are trying  their  best  to  help  each student perform. 

It is  the government that has   changed  the  old  system of education  to  the  new reform  that has been adapted by the Education Department. 

The government has made a mistake with this reform policy and has to reverse its decision somehow in order to get this education system to the level it should be. 

The education system must be brought back to a competitive level both locally and internationally. 


Alex Agiwa