Govt needs K5mil for new route

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It will cost about K5 million to build a temporary route after the Banab Bridge in Madang collapsed recently, says National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru.
During a visit to the site in Madang on Friday, Maru said the national government was committed to helping fix a temporary bypass as well as looking at a long-term solution.
Maru said the Works Department would submit a report on Thursday for Cabinet to discuss.
“After looking at the report by the Department of Works, it will cost us K5 million to have that route opened up and a proper road built over there,” he said.
“It will take another 12 months to look at a permanent bridge being built over the current location.
“I’ve asked Works to bring a report to cabinet on Thursday so cabinet can look at some decisions for a temporary bypass and also look for a long-term solution.
“All I can say is we are extremely committed to helping the crisis as long as our people are concerned. I’ve been there myself, trucks are stopping on the other side, youths have also taken advantage of the situation by charging people who are accessing the temporary bypass.”
Last Thursday, Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi and Works Secretary David Wereh were forced to pay their way out of the Banab bypass in Madang by landowners. They paid K200.
Nangoi and Wereh were accompanied by a team from the Works Department in Madang to inspect the bypass after visiting the collapsed bridge.

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