Govt to develop responsibly: MP

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The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

The Government aspires to development but it also wants it to be in a responsible manner, Minister for National Planning Charles Abel says.
Speaking at the launch of the third millennium development goals summary report and PNG poverty profile report in Port Moresby last Thursday, Abel said the country needed to learn from the lessons of developed nations.
“We want development, we aspire to development but we are also observing the west to see if they’ve got to look at their model as well which is ultimately not sustainable,” Abel said.
“We have a west that is worshipping materialism and we are consuming at a rate that’s not necessary for us to survive.”
“We need to adjust ourselves. We say to the west ‘we need development (and) we are funding your development to a large extent. You’re (west) talking about fourth industrial revolution and we’re (PNG) staring first, second and third revolutions and yet we are funding to a large extent your fourth industrial revolution. We got a point to make as a developing country.
“I think as we take our place in the world, we will realise  the potential of this country and it’s just that we must not leave it too late. While it’s still opportune while we still have a relatively intact environment, small population I think will seize the opportunity.”
Abel also launched phase two of the national strategy for responsible sustainable Development (Stars).
“We just want to keep demonstrating to you that we are serious about Stars,” Abel said.
“We are taking measured concrete steps in small and big ways to show you that we are progressing. That is why the budget framework paper is so important through the National Planning Act. One of the first planning act ever in the world.”
“We have got a law, and a paper (national budget framework paper) in place that we are working on and to actually influence the actual framing of the annual budgets.
“We have five-year plans, longer term plans but they not actually in any formal way linked to the budget process.
“It’s important to get this reporting process correct so that we are talking facts and figures and we face up to reality of what is happening in the village.”