Grandma aims to bring change

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


Hoge Baeau from Mahuru village is one of six candidates taking up the challenge to contest the Motu-Koitabu East women’s representative seat.

The seat is currently held by Cathy Goroa. 

The six major villages covered in Motu Koitabu East are Vabukori, Kira Kira, Mahuru, Pari Taoata, Pari Taurama and Korobosea.

Baeau, 56, said she wanted to use the flocal level government elections to push for a voice for women in the Motu Koita Assembly.

She said running for the seat would be challenging but she was confident of doing well among the other challengers.

 Baeau, a community worker who was heavily involved in the National Capital District Commission’s Ginigoada programme, said she was inspired to take up the challenge to push for change.

The Ginigoada programme involved mobile training where young people were taught the skills needed to start small businesses.

Baeau said she had been called upon to take up the challenge by her people and hoped to get her base support from Mahuru, Korobosea and Ugabega at Vada Vada.