Grateful to be alive after truck crashes into home


SEVEN adults, including a couple and their 10-month-old baby girl, had a narrow escape in the early hours of Saturday when their house was mowed down by a truck at Muya outside Lae.
The accident happened at around 3am when the family was sleeping.
A semi-trailer travelling from Lae collided with another semi-trailer, veered off the road and then rammed into the family home.
Home owner Mack Peter told The National that he was still awake at the time and luckily, the truck was slowed by mud and their garden before it hit the house.
“As soon as I heard the sound of the collision, I saw the truck turn and head straight into our garden and towards our house and bulldoze it to the ground,” he said.
“My wife, baby and the others were inside.”
Peter said he saw three men inside the cabin of the truck.
“My house and food garden are destroyed and the incident nearly took our lives,” he said, adding that they were tempted to retaliate by beating up the men in the truck but decided against it.
Peter said the owner of the truck would have to pay the cost of the house before he could tow his truck away.
His wife Tracy Peter described the incident as scary.
“I thank God for giving me another chance in life,” she said.
Tracy said her house was destroyed and that meant the family had to go without a home for some time until a new one is built.

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