Group accepts compensation

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


PEOPLE in the Henganofi district of Eastern Highlands who had rejected an original offer of compensation by a tribe in Western Highlands over the death of seven people in an accident have accepted compensation after more mediation talks.

A payment of K124,000, 140 pigs and seven cows was offered by the Panimbe Wika tribe of Kuta, in Western Highlands, to the relatives of seven Eastern Highlanders who were killed in a car accident in February at Markham Valley, in Morobe.

The relatives accepted the compensation after understanding that the cause of the deaths was an accident.

The owner of the vehicle involved in the accident Nelson Nema thanked the relatives of the deceased for accepting the compensation.

“I am happy with you people for understanding the situation by accepting the compensation as it is the way forward,’’ Nema said.

“You are law-abiding people as you did not take the law into your hands.

“You have understood that the accident was unintentional. 

“You have set a precedent for others to follow.”