Group stages awareness in high risk areas

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A MASS awareness on the Covid-19, which is part of a humanitarian programme on preparedness and response, was carried out in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands on Monday.
Non-government organisation Touching the Untouchables (TTU) facilitated the awareness, supported by the Western Highlands health authority, Mt Hagen town authority and Papua New Guinea Defence Force, around four identified high risk areas in the city.
Performers from the Eastern Highlands Raunraun Theatre were engaged in the awareness, which included demonstrations on basic hand-washing methods.
TTU director Esther Silas said the Covid-19 pandemic awareness in the province was carried out in rural areas rather than the main urban centre that had the most people.
She said Touching the Untouchables, which was based in Eastern Highlands, received funding from United Kingdom Aid and United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) to carry out the awareness.
“TTU was given three months to carry out the awareness that includes the training of more than 40 health workers to make awareness campaign on the Covid-19 preparedness and response and establishing of the water, sanitation and hygiene programme in 23 schools in Mt Hagen,” Silas said.
TTU will visit seven health facilities over the next three weeks.
Mt Hagen mayor Michael Jacob said the Covid-19 was here to stay and awareness was vital in the city that linked all the Highlands.

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