Guided democracy not the answer

Letters, Normal

THE question of whether guided democracy will work in Papua New Guinea or not, like it does in some Asian countries, is a good one.
PNG is a young democracy and it is most probably this system of government that has prevented it from falling apart into various tribal groupings.
Coupled with democracy is Christianity that pervades much of this country, both of which account for its failure to disintegrate into tribalism and chaos.
The African continent has seen many failed governments and nations that did well are those who adopted democratic freedoms, like the freedom of expression, for example.
Asians are innovative people and what has worked in some leading countries there may not work in other countries like PNG and in Africa.
We must remember that Papua New Guineans are not innovative like the Koreans, Singaporeans or Chinese.
Some of our politicians are manipulative even in our democratic society where majority rules.
Guided democracy might be manipulated for the selfish gains of the manipulative politicians instead of working for the general good of the people.


John Lokes
Port Moresby