Gulf plans to set up business zone

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday, May 9, 2011

GULF Governor Havila Kavo has announced his government’s plans to develop an area between Kerema and Ihu to be an industrial and commercial hub.
The move is to help people in the province take part in greater economic activity and be aware of social developments after the petroleum and natural gas (LNG) boom.
Kavo said strategic locations had been identified for development in the town.
The developments include an international deep sea port, a free trade zone and an upgraded airport, among others.
The Gulf provincial executive council hopes that will transform the sleepy township of Kerema into a major commercial hub within 10 years.
These are all part of the province’s Gulf strategic development Plan 2020.
The province, set to benefit from the PNG LNG project, being home to IntrerOil’s Elk and Antelope fields, is prepared to ensure the economy of the province flourishes.
“It is my pleasure to inform the people of Gulf of the development plans formulated by my government,” he said in a statement.
He said the development of the town was divided into two main sections – east Vailala and the West Vailala – using the Vailala River as a natural buffer zone.
On both sides of the river, land has been set aside for landowners who will be directly affected by the LNG project.
The villagers will be resettled into farming village communities.
The airport is to the north of Vailala, where the PEC plans to build modern facilities.
The statement said the west would be dedicated to heavy industries and would mainly accommodate the LNG plant.
A shorter route had been identified over an 80km stretch for the gas pipeline to the proposed condenser stripping plant site on the Purari River to minimise environmental damage.