Gunemba denies claim


FORMER Lae City skipper Raymond Gunemba has denied franchise owner Ian Chow’s claim that the striker and 10 other players who walked out on the football club have an attitude problem.
Gunemba told The National on Tuesday that Chow had no proof of his claim.
The five-time Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League title-winning captain and the 10 walked out on the defending champions after the sacking of coach Peter Gunemba following a recent run of poor domestic and regional results.
“Chow’s statement regarding our attitude is an assumption,” Gunemba said.
“When I was the captain, there was no evidence of players taking drugs or smoking. Discipline was okay.
“Alcohol? Everyone drinks alcohol but from what I know, players only consume it in the offseason but hardly during the season.
“I don’t know where he got his information from but what he said is not a true representation of me and the players.”
However, Chow maintained that what he had said earlier regarding disciplinary issues of former players was evident.
Chow said he did not used that as a ploy to remove the players. He said he had given the players a chance to remain with the club but the players instead walked out on their own accord.
“Regarding discipline, it’s obvious that some of those players have their records with the Papua New Guinea Football Association and it’s not an assumption,” he said.
“But I did not sacked the players. I only sacked the coach which is something common in football but the players were unprofessional and they could not handle it.”

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