Hagen roads need to be sealed by bitumen, not gravel

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The National, Friday 18th November 2011

THE MP for Hagen Open, William Duma, recently committed K10 million to upgrade and maintain the potholed roads in the city.
A local contractor, WOPA Constructions, was engaged.
But what we have seen so far is some patching work going on – basically using river gravel mixed with water.
We have yet to see professional road upgrading using bitumen (kolta) to seal the roads or the use of proper equipment and ma­chineries like those from Shorncliffe, Global, Dekenai and others. 
Otherwise, we will end up with more and bigger potholes once the rain come and wash away the gravel.
I call on the contractor to do a more professional job than what it is doing now.

Mt Hagen