Haiveta plans to extend Kerema


Kerema town boundaries in Gulf will be extended to Mei-Uaripi, Petoe, Murua and Epo, says Governor Chris Haiveta.
Haiveta said Kerema town had limited space to expand and develop, therefore, he was planning on expanding the land boundaries.
“We are working on a new town physical plan and urban development plan,” he said.
“We have already engaged experts to develop Epo as a new extension of Kerema town.”
Haiveta said that professional town planners had already been engaged to develop the plan for the extension of Kerema town to Epo.
“It will start with public servants’ housing and then expand to other accommodation as well as provision of other municipal services and for business to operate there as well,” he said.
“We are also working on establishing the Gulf physical planning board to plan for the towns of Kerema, Malalaua and Kikori.
“The town was originally built as a prison town in the 1900s and over the years, it has evolved to be the administrative headquarters of Gulf.
“However, we are limited in space to expand.
“Expansion will encourage our people to be active participants in businesses and to own affordable homes when they return to Kerema.
“Also, we must build more houses for the various Government agencies should be relocated to Gulf but cannot due to the current housing shortage.”

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