Handle resources, benefits properly


WHEN I went to Kiunga, I saw many gas projects popping up everywhere.
Life was simple and trouble-free and people minded their own business.
Most of the gas projects are taken care of by Western government through funding and support.
I thought the Juha Gas Project was in Hela but I found out it was in Nomad in the outstation called Suabi Station in Middle Fly, Western.
I see that when it comes to Juha petroleum development licence 09 gas project issues and other programmes, the provincial government pretends that this project is in another province and hardly provides support.
One example was the umbrella benefit sharing agreement in Kokopo in 2008 when the Fly River government and the former governor Dr Bob Danaya totally refused to sign the agreement.
During the licence-based benefits sharing agreement signing in Suabi Station, the provincial government representative was not there.
When clan-vetting was done in 2014, no representatives from the provincial government took part.
During the 2018 clan-vetting in Kiunga at the door steps of the provincial government, the Juha landowner’s bills within the business houses in Kiunga were unsettled.
The Fly River government failed Juha Gas Project very miserably and the effect of it has affected the poor principal landowners.
I see in many provinces, governors and MPs taking lead in similar project issues because they know the provincial government will benefit largely.
I hear much of the Juha gas project revenues are now coming into the provincial government’s baskets.
Funds should concentrate on projects in Nomad local level government as this is the only income to save your people in the form of major projects.

Concern Observer
Kiunga, Western