Head pleads for refocus on services

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 THE slow process of implementation of service delivery in East New Britain in the first three-quarters of this year has been attributed to the continuous breakdown of communication from the provincial headquarters to districts and local level governments, says a provincial head.

Speaking at a week-long third quarter budget review, acting chairman and deputy provincial administrator Levi Mano reminded public servants of their roles and responsibilities to turn some of the challenges this year into opportunities.

He said public servants must trust each other and communicate to avoid continuous breakdown of communications within  different levels of the public service in order to achieve full implementation of core programmes.

“A notable effect is the slow progress of implementation in the first three quarters of this year which could have been direct consequence of less consultation from districts to LLGs or the bigger slice of development component of this year’s K186 million provincial budget,” Mano said.

He pleaded for a refocus on  services that people in rural areas needed most.

Mano appealed to districts and LLGs to come up with some tangible results in the next six weeks, urging them to trust each other and communicate with their counterparts, with support from provincial headquarters.

Since the shift of the  provincial administration in 2008, focus is now on districts and LLGs in terms of funding and personnel resources, with the headquarters playing a coordination role.