Health Department urged to improve, expand existing health facilities

National, Normal


NATIONAL Board for Disabled Persons president Brown Kapi wants Health Minister Sasa Zibe to explain  whether the proposed K500 million world class modern hospital planned to be built outside Port Moresby near Bautama will benefit everyone from the  “grassroots” up.
“As the Government is going into partnership with the private sector and overseas non-profit organisations in this undertaking through a K20 million commitment, I do not see why this money cannot be used to upgrade existing health facilities in the provinces and districts.
“It is a waste of taxpayers money that could be diverted to upgrade existing and deteriorating health care facilities nationwide,” he said.
Mr Kapi said it was more crucial to equip and expand rural health centres and the money used to train more health workers to serve in rural PNG via existing facilities.
“Seeing that the Government would only be contributing 4% into establishing the modern hospital, costs for medical services in such a hospital would still be expensive.
“This will only widen the poverty gap. Only those who can afford the service from such a health facility would get treatment.
“Such a world class facility will more or less involve overseas medical expertise and administration would see this happen,” he said.