Health Department welcomes budget allocation of K1.5bil


Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Sir Puka Temu is thankful for the support and funding allocated to Health in the 2018 Budget.
He said that the Government had allocated 10 per cent of the budget to Health.
“K1.5 billion to the Health Department, K1.004b for the operational costs, K461.7m for capital expenditure and K266.4m for medicine supplies,” Sir Puka outlined.
“I am very thankful for K266.4m which has been budgeted for the supply, procurement and distribution of medical supplies, as medical supplies have always been a priority area of focus.” Sir Puka said that it was a huge increase from the last budget and he was ‘’very grateful for the support that the Health Department received.
“In the supplementary budget last year, K100m was allocated for medicine supplies and the increase in the allocation in the 2018 budget will definitely help the department to have an adequate supply of medicines.”