Health officers seize rotten food in shop, give to dogs


A team of environmental health officers from the National Capital District Commission raided a shop in Port Moresby on Wednesday and dumped confiscated food items at a dog pound at Waigani.
They intervened swiftly following a post on social media complaining about rotten packets of lamb flaps being sold at a shop.
Senior environmental health officer Silas Johnathan, whose scope of work covers Moresby-South electorate, said he read the complaint on Tuesday night and assured residents that he would undertake to attend to it in the morning.
“On Wednesday, we attended to it and confirmed the allegations as true,” he said in an email to officers from Investment Promotion Authority.
“Even the shop manager was not aware of the issue as he was obviously not performing his duties as expected.”
Johnathan said they subsequently issued a warning notice on the spot to the shop’s management and removed all items in the freezers and brought them to the dog pound.
“The alleged shop and others will closely be monitored during our routine inspection to avoid re-occurrence of the same practice,” he said.

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