Health official suspended, says Kase

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HEALTH Department corporate manager Paul Dopsie has been suspended pending police investigations into bribery claims during a Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the procurement, supply and distribution of medicine.
Health secretary Pascoe Kase confirmed the disciplinary action yesterday, saying it was part of the public service system. He said the process was ongoing.
Dopsie was suspended on Dec 2, after the managing director of Global Customs and Forwarding Ltd Harupa Peke told the Public Accounts Committee inquiry that on Sept 29, 2016, Dopsie had called him and demanded K70,000 to be paid to him before the company could receive what it was owed for the medicine it supplied.
Peke told the inquiry that he was getting fed up with the demand for money by Dopsie, who he had paid bribes to several times. Peke claimed he had paid K100,000 in total.
Peke also said he was also threatened to withdraw a letter of complaint he had written to the Health secretary in May 2017 about Dopsie after several instances of delays in payment.
Kase told The National yesterday that the department would be working with the police in implementing the recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee which instituted the inquiry.
Police Commissioner David Manning and the Health Department will hold a media conference today to announce “what we will be doing, going forward”.
The inquiry will resume on Feb 5, 2020, according to committee chairman Sir John Pundari.


  • The health secretary must also be suspended for investigations.He (the health secretary) had compromised he’s position as a leader to prevent what had already happened. So PAC please investigate him and let him pay for he’s actions…

  • Kase the Secretary is pointing to Dopsie as the culprit and is now suspended. We all know that from the PAC hearing the Secretary is the main suspect so why is he shifting the focus to Dopsie. Kase must be suspended and investigated the same as Dopsie.

  • So Mr. Incompetence Kase wants to present himself as innocent and shift the blame on others. He who does not even know the simple ABC of his job and department. It is hard to believe that all the corruption happened under his big nose and he didn’t notice anything. If the government is serious about fighting corruption then people like him should already have been suspended to allow investigations to take place.

  • Was there any audit done in this sector?Who monitor all these? Is there any record kept and someone check the report?Please also suspend Pascale Kase as well.
    Public Account Committees can also check other departmental heads.All the CEO and Directors.
    Really tired of all these.

  • I think our law is very weak thats why we allow those calprits to dictate on public money.Please investigate them and send them to Bomana for life.

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