Health planners gather

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MORE than 100 health managers and planners from the Highlands region gathered yesterday to contribute in developing the next 10-year national health plan.
The two-day workshop at the Institute of Medical Research was the second series of workshops to be held in the four regions this month.
In Goroka, five working teams were formed and tasked with leading questions based on the three themes and were provided constructive and interactive thoughts on the priority health issues and strategies identified in strengthening health systems and improving service delivery.
Deputy secretary for Health Mark Mauludu gave an overview of the process that had been involved in formulating the draft national health plan.
Mr Mauludu, who is in charge of national health policy and corporate services, said the purpose of the workshop was to “test” some of the strategies and models proposed by teams involved in drafting the health plan in recent months.
He said the steering committee meeting and the provincial consultations are held this month.