Health post opening this week


KAINANTU MP Johnson Tuke says Government services and development projects are implemented for the long-term socio-economic wellbeing of the people.
After many months of consultations between various landowners in different wards, local level governments, State agencies and foreign aid partners, Tuke announced the opening of the Musave community health post in Kamano No.2 on Thursday
The health post will benefit 16 communities, 15,000 people and its success is quite significant that the selected areas in the district refused to welcome such a service due to land disputes and other social conflicts.
Tuke said a ceasefire was also negotiated between warring factions in the vicinity of the post before the arrival of the Government team.
He said the establishment of such health posts was an initiative of the Eastern Highlands health authority and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), in partnership with the Kainantu development authority.
“Many of you may be thinking that this is my programme, but I want to tell you that I did not build this health centre,” he said.
“I am just a partner.
“The owner of this programme is the Eastern Highlands health authority and the ADB.”