Health project not a pipe dream

Letters, Normal

I JUST made an electoral visit with Internal Security Minister Mark Maipakai and Kikori district administrator Mahega Morito.
We visited several projects commissioned by the Kikori joint district priority committee for this year.
I would like to confirm that the 30 three-bedroom H90 staff houses and 30 two-ward clinics are for real.
Owners of logs can cash in on the project by selling their logs to the local sawmill.
The Aunamo Timbers, a locally run timber firm, cut the logs into timber.
Local carpenters are employed by the JDBPC to build in prefabricated parts of the house and clinic which is stock piled at Gaii village.
Those prefabricated building are later put together at the site in just a couple of hours.
The problem is to transport the prefabricated part to their respective destinations.
But the Kikori people have built four canoes to transport the materials along the great rivers of Baimuru, Kikori and Ihu.
There is a three-bedroom staff house in Erakiti with two ward clinics.
The areas the Kikori JDPBC has selected are Komaio, Karati, Baimuru, Akoma, Ihu, Orokolo, and Muro health centres.
The clinics will be set up in Kivaumaii, Kuri, Misiki, Ero, Verabari, Gauri, Kinomere and Aibigahe.
Further other clinics that will get similar staff house and clinic wards are Ipiko, Korovake, Kinipo, Kapai, Mapaio, Evava, Kaorimai, Apiope, Aumu and Varia.
Health care is a priority for our people.
Health workers need to rest in a proper house to be able to serve the people better.
The people are not interested in political point scoring but want to see the delivery of basic services.


Robert Kaia
Media officer
Security Ministry