Health services ‘poor’


HEALTH services in some parts of Morobe are non-existent, forcing people to travel to Lae just to buy medicine and receive treatment, a councillor says.
Ward Three councillor Francis Paul of the Wampar local level government said only one aid post was serving a big population.
He said people from Ward One to Ward Five use the aid post in Ward Three.
“There is currently only one community health worker taking care of a total of more than 5000 people in Gabensis,” he said. “There is also an unknown number of people in other wards. It is a big population and we all use one aid post. Most times the aid post runs out of drugs, and people have to go to Lae to buy medicine.
“The aid post really cannot cater for the population.”
A recent survey conducted by Alfred Gase, of the Joseph and Daniel Consultant and Services, highlighted the health service in the ward was poor.
“There is only one aid post in Gabensis and it is in Ward Three,” Gase said.

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