Health workers upgrade skills

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The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

THE Youth With A Mission medical ship returned to Port Moresby on Saturday after completing three community service voyages in Gulf province.
The YWAM team helped up-skill 68 rural health workers in dentistry, midwifery, ophthalmology and primary health care.
Some of the health workers reported they had not had training in 30 years and were grateful to be equipped to better help people in their region.
Medical coordinator Hannah Peart said when the ship arrived at some of the villages they had visited in the past two years, most of the dental work required was cleaning and restorations, rather than the emergency oral work that marked the previous years.
Director’s representative Anna Scott said the vessel ventured into new territory thanks to the supply of new navigational equipment, which helped chart rural and remote rivers that cross the region.
She said the further the vessel went, the worse some of the health conditions got.
“Many of them had not had health assistance in a very, very long time,” she said.
“It was a real privilege to head that way and help them.”
Scott said plans were already under way to return to Gulf Province next year.