Hekari release imports

Uncertainty over pandemic forces NSL franchise’s hand

HEKARI United say they have released Brazilian pair Vinicius Kryzozun and Erick Joe, and Samoan striker Vito Laloata due to uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 situation.
Hekari manager Vonnie Kapi Natto told The National on Tuesday that the trio were an integral part to their campaign in the Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League, which is on hold.
“Obviously, we need them,” she said.
“We don’t want to release them because we want them to complete the season.
“They are great players but the Covid-19 situation has caused a lot of confusion.”
Kapi Natto said it was difficult to predict what would happen in the coming months due to the fluidity of the pandemic.
“If this virus hits us then we are not prepared to look after them (overseas players),” she said.
“Their families also need them at this time so we had to release them.
“Releasing the international players also relieves me, my family and the team from any burden in the future.
“We can manage our local players it but for our imports, it’s risky at this time so they have to go. We are sad about what’s happening.
“It’s affecting our team but we have a lot of young players who are usually on the bench. It’s a good opportunity for them to have a crack at semi-professional football.
“I just want us to have a better team from next season.”
She said the club would make arrangements for Laloata and their Solomon Islands players to return to their home countries.

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