Hela yearning for progress


In its contemporary history, we know that Hela was established as result of a political decision even though the notion of an independent province has always been in the hearts of the ethnic Huli people.
Oral history suggests that the grand ancestor of the Huli people was a man named Hela who had four sons and a daughter from which the Hela nation was to emerge. Hela’s offsprings were sons Huli, Opene, Duna, Tuguba and sister Hewa.
Traditional Hela territory covers the whole of Enga (Opene) to Mt Tundaka (sacrificial sacred area) to Lake Kutubu to Mt Bosavi to Mt Gigira to the Strickland gorges bordering Western and West and East Sepik provinces.
However, the people of Hela have been too preoccupied with lawless issues and tribal killings, even in Hela’s capital of Tari, to progress much.
Hela was affected by February’s earthquake and we need peace and services, but most importantly we need a true leader, a governor who can inspire us to change.
Our leaders and public servants should forget politics and serve our people and province fairly and truthfully.


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